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Founded in 1999, the Indoor Tanning Association today represents thousands of indoor tanning manufacturers, distributors, facility owners and members from other support industries. The professional indoor tanning industry employs more than 140,000 people while promoting a responsible message about moderate tanning and sunburn prevention.

Final order reclassifying Sunlamp Products to Class II Medical Devices --- Click here for a summary of the final order

ITA Filed Extensive Comments on the FDA's Proposed Order to Reclassify Ultraviolet Lamps for Tanning

Click here for current State Regulations

Click here for more information regarding the tan tax regulations

Ultraviolet Light Research Foundation’s comments to the Centers for Disease Control regarding reduction of UV exposure

Notice: You do not need to become tan for your skin to make Vitamin D. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury

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